School Emergency Operations Plans Analysis Workshop


Course Overview

The goal of the School Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) Analysis course is to teach participants how to create an effective training plan based on the Department of Homeland Security’s gap analysis best practices.

In this eight-hour course, participants will learn how to implement a training planning process in their school. This seven-step process is tailored to ensure all school staff implementing their EOP understand their roles and responsibilities to prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from an emergency.

Target Audience

This course is intended for district or school administrators, teachers, school employees, and relevant first responders with the goal of implementing and updating their EOP.

Course Takeaways

Once your assessment team has completed the training grid based on the seven-step process, you will have developed a multi-year training grid that can be used for

  • multi-year training plans;
  • EOP updates;
  • investment justifications for school grants.

You will also meet and exceed Louisiana State Law, Title 17-Education, LA RS 17:416.16-School crisis management and response plans by addressing the following mandates:

  • Seek input from response and school communities.
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of teachers, school employees, and relevant first responders.
  • Complete annual EOP training.
  • Update EOP annually.

Course Length

8.0 hours