Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts, Customized (AWR-122-C)

This course, also known as Fraudulent Documents, provides participants with an overview of general security features employed by the U.S. government to establish the validity of government documents, as well as known methods used to alter or counterfeit the types of documents commonly presented to law enforcement officers. Several government documents are discussed, including identity cards, driver’s licenses and social security cards.

This course is customized for a one-day presentation consisting of four hours. Beginning and ending times for instruction may be adjusted to accommodate delivery during conferences or in other such circumstances with scheduling constraints.

Min/Max Enrollment: Min 20; Max 100

Hours:  4 (Direct Delivery)

Format: Instructor-Led Training

DHS Course #: AWR-122-C

Facility Requirements: Please view this document for facility requirements.

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Professional Disciplines

Law Enforcement

The target audience for the Direct Delivery version of this course is members of federal, state or local law enforcement agencies.