Mobile Training Delivery 

LSU NCBRT/ACE are experts at mobile training delivery. Since our inception we have successfully delivered training at thousands of hosting agency locations across the globe. When conducting training we send all necessary supplies and equipment to achieve success. In addition to our primary logistical facilities at LSU Innovation Park, we also have auxiliary facilities at the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System in Urbana, IL and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office in Dublin, CA. Our instructional teams are selected from a pool of over 300 experts and travel to the class delivery site.

Development and Technical Assistance

LSU NCBRT/ACE recruits top subject matter experts from around the nation to develop training and provide technical assistance in the areas of specialized law enforcement operations; biological incident response; and food and agriculture safety and security. Currently, we employ over 300 subject matter experts with diverse expertise. Additionally, we have established relationships with various other providers with whom we can partner to provide a more dynamic product.

Course Customization

We work with both public and private sectors around the world, providing customized training to suit individual needs. With a staff of over 50; over 300 of the most experienced subject matter experts; and numerous professional partnerships, we can offer customized technical assistance, research, project development, training development and delivery, program evaluation and more. Our goal is to meet the unique needs of each consumer and ensure their satisfaction.

Workshops and Presentations

LSU NCBRT/ACE is available for presentation or training opportunities at your event. We also provide workshop planning services. 

Please contact us at to discuss your needs.