Homeland Security Specialist MicroCert

Stay Ahead in Your Field with LSU Homeland Security MicroCert

Master Threat Detection and Prevention

Knowing and preparing for the threats that our country faces on a daily basis is essential to protect communities from criminal activity and terrorist attacks. With the online Homeland Security Specialist program from LSU, students will gain a greater understanding of how law enforcement operates within a homeland security enterprise. This MicroCert has been developed in collaboration between LSU’s National Center for Biomedical Research and Training/Academy of Counter Terrorist Education (NCBRT/ACE) and LSU Online & Continuing Education. Students will learn the importance of conducting risk assessments to protect from criminal activity and terrorist attacks and will learn the predominant modern modes of operations that extremists use to plan for and execute an attack. This program is ideal for law enforcement officers, public safety professionals and private sector representatives involved in security and safety functions and risk management or threat reduction.

The program is endorsed as a national law enforcement training provider by the National Sheriffs' Association. Completion of the specialist program will be a requirement of all individuals applying to the National Sheriff’s Association to become a Certified Homeland Protection Professional.

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