Disease Containment Measures (AWR-323-W)

This course provides training on the indicators related to various disease containment measures as well as detailed information on the declaration, implementation, and suspension efforts required during disease containment efforts. The course focuses on the roles of community agencies as well as how these agencies must integrate their efforts to successfully respond to a disease-related emergency. Case studies are used to provide real-life exposure to social distancing, quarantine, and isolation events.​

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Min/Max Enrollment:

Hours: 2.5

Format: Web-Based Training

DHS Course #: AWR-323-W

Facility Requirements: Please view this document for facility requirements.


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Professional Disciplines

Primary: Public Health Officials, State and Local Judicial Branch Representatives, Law Enforcement Personnel

Secondary: Emergency Management Officials, Emergency Medical Services and Medical Personnel, including School Nurses, City Leadership, Transportation Managers, Business Representatives, and Individuals in Other Civic Roles